William W. Richmond

William Richmond is an author and speaker, bringing hope to many. He was abandoned, abused, homeless, bullied, and entered a life of drug and alcohol abuse. He also survived many other hardships including blindness and a horrific accident that left him an amputee. Through it all, William graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with honors. He is passionate about advocating for individuals with disabilities, including encouraging businesses and government officials to put wheelchair ramps and audible traffic signals in their communities. One of his greatest desires is to share how he found happiness, hope, and purpose for his life.

Our Only Hope

Life can be very difficult and many feel helpess and defeated when struggles become too much to handle.  In the book, William Richmond describes the extreme hardships he faced throughout his youth and adult life, more than most indviduals could imagine facing in an entire lifetime. If you are searching for hope and a purpose, this book will give you the encouragement and inspiration to move forward through the most difficult times. It will guide you down a path of unimaginable hope and a new-found purpose for your life. 

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